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Dr. John DenBoer: About Page

Dr. John DenBoer is a leading clinical neuropsychologist who takes pride in specializing in the detection and assessment of dementia in its early stages.

According to John DenBoer, PhD, early-stage dementia is a condition in which a patient suffers symptoms such as difficulty with thinking, trouble with language and problem-solving, and memory loss. Changes in behavior and mood can also occur. Unfortunately, all of these symptoms may appear to be minor starting out, but they can progress and ultimately impact people’s daily lives, according to John DenBoer.

In light of the above, Dr. DenBoer created an exercise program called SMART that assists patients in preventing and/or reducing early-stage dementia’s cognitive effects. However, Dr. DenBoer also engages in sport psychology consulting, specifically in the field of sport neuropsychology. For instance, he provides guidance in the areas of attention deficit disorder/ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disability testing, as well as athlete brain priming.

Dr. DenBoer started his career as an intern at the VA Boston Healthcare System in association with Harvard University and the Boston University School of Medicine. This health care system is made up of nine campuses and has served as a major site for extensive neuropsychology research.

In addition, Dr. DenBoer was a postdoctoral student at Phoenix, Arizona–based Barrow Neurological Institute. This institute is the biggest neurological disease research and treatment institution in the world. In addition, it has consistently been recognized as ranking among the top centers for neurosurgical training across the United States.

During his career, Dr. DenBoer has proven time and time again to be a top expert in clinical neuropsychology. For this reason, he has been hand-picked to speak at several national, international, and local conferences.

When Dr. DenBoer is not busy fighting the fight against early-stage dementia through research or providing education, he enjoys spending time at home in Phoenix with his wife, son, and two dogs.