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Dr. John DenBoer: Explore This is Dementia Today

Dr. John DenBoer, a top clinical neuropsychologist whose specialty is early-stage dementia, is excited to propel this important area of medicine forward by unveiling a brand-new book and documentary on this globally prominent disease.

The book and film by John DenBoer, PhD, are called This is Dementia. John DenBoer created these eye-opening and groundbreaking works because research shows that somebody across the globe develops dementia every three seconds. However, at the moment, no cure has been created for dementia. To make matters worse, the count of people who are living with this debilitating cognitive disease is expected to double in the next several years. Dr. DenBoer said the new book and film are part of his mission to alleviate dementia’s onset long term.

According to Dr. DenBoer, his new book is aimed at dispelling the myths that surround dementia. Readers can learn about the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with this devastating condition. Dr. DenBoer also explains in the book that death claims the brain more quickly than it does the body. For this reason, it is critical to understand how dementia works, as this understanding can help more people to disrupt and even prevent the brain’s decline.

Through the book, readers can explore five steps designed to help them to better understand dementia as well as prepare for their own dementia diagnoses or those of their loved ones. These five steps, according to Dr. DenBoer, are awareness, acceptance, action, allowance, and attitude.

Dr. DenBoer’s film also touches on the realities of dementia with the goal of helping viewers to more effectively combat it as they age. The film made its debut at in April of 2019 and is also available for viewing on Netflix.

Dr. DenBoer’s ultimate goal with his recent book and film is to provide more people with the information they need to snatch their minds back from the clutches of dementia, or to prevent dementia from claiming their minds in the first place.

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